Ms. Minako Kogoma, President & CEO
Since 1995, President and CEO of Multi-Task Company.
Was Board Member of CMIC and President of CMIC–BS. Prior to that held roles as IT VP in Goldman Sachs Japan & US. Was Senior Technical Representative at Sony Customer Information Center and Sony US. Since 2010, Member of the Institutional Review Board.

Dr. Toru Kaga, CTO & Consultant
Since 2008, Senior Consultant & CTO at Multi-Task Company in Medical Equipment, Cyber Security, X-ray Equipment, Semiconductor & Equipment. Also served as Vice President & CTO at Nanoscale Company, in areas of Semiconductor Equipment, JAXA-patented Nozzle & Applications.
Prior, held senior roles dealing with multiple technologies (Semiconductor Equipment; Electron Beam Inspection; Semiconductor Inspection Tool & Consulting; Semiconductor Development (DRAM, SRAM, Flash, Logic, MOSFET) at Hitachi Central Research Lab., etc.
Currently, Member of the Japan Society of Applied Physics and the IEEE.
Was Visiting Researcher in UC Berkeley, CA.
Over his career, presented over 50 technical papers including international conferences, e.g., IEDM, ISSCC, VLSI Symposium, etc.
Issued more than 120 patents.
PhD in Applied Physics.