Mr. Levy Elad, President:
Before establishing Globalconn, Mr. Elad held the role of Minister for Economic Affairs in Japan, USA and Italy. In this position, Me. Elad led multiple negotiations, supporting Japanese companies in their decision to invest in Israeli companies. Mr. Elad worked for the Israeli Ministry of Commercial and Trade , holding management positions in roles that impacted the Israeli economy. Mr. Elad is an Economist and holds LLB from Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Ms. Tami Raviv, CEO
Prior to joining Globbalconn, Ms. Raviv held the role of COO at Amiga. Her experience and expertise in international banking and foreign trade, as well as numerous contacts with companies and trading houses in Israel and in Japan are well leveraged to benefit Globalconn’s clients today. Ms. Raviv holds a BA in Educational Psychology and Sociology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.
Mr. Avraham Ganor, Director for research, Future Technology
Served as the Founder and CEO of EVchip Energy LTD. Inventing a SW Controlled Smart Battery for the market of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles, developing chip and SW for a 3D Battery Switching Grid™. Before that he served as the CEO and Vice President of Research and Development at Commex Technologies, member of the RAD group. Served for 10 years at Motorola Semiconductors. He led the development of the PowerQuicc II™ Network Processor. Was the Design Manager for Genoa Color Technologies, developing the SHARP AQUOS Quattron, 4 Primary-color TV. Mr. Ganor holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the Tel-Aviv University and invented numerous patents in the fields of Computer Systems Electronic Displays and Networking.

Dr. Asher Holtzer, Advisory Board
Dr. Holtzer is a senior leader with 28 years of experience in the Medical Device industry. He is recognized for transitioning emerging technologies from concept research to a clinical standard of care. Expertise covers wide range of activities, in the management of medical device companies, development, clinical studies, regulatory affairs, introduction to the market, and the business aspects of medical device companies. Dr. Holtzer got his Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.

Mr. Gal Yaffe, Advisory Board
Mr. Yaffe brings to Globalcon 15 years of executive experience in business development and sales roles of international companies. In parallel to his role in the Advisory Board, Mr. Yaffe serves as VP Global Sales at Payoneer – a global payment solution company. Mr. Yaffe brings over 10 years of knowledge in leading SaaS and cloud based companies. Mr. Yaffe holds a B.Sc in Computer Science and Information Systems from the Technion.