Business development

 We provide ‘outsourced’ business development service

  • Conducting market surveys and evaluating marketing and distribution channels
  • Creating and modifying business development and market penetration plans
  • Guidance and instruction regarding business development, business strategies, business relations and market penetration
  • Locating strategic partners
  • Identifying suitable customers and distributors
  • Finding strategic investments
  • Creating business partnerships
  • Strengthening and monitoring existing ties with companies and distributors
  • Follow-up while guiding and supporting until and during negotiations,
  • Assistance in obtaining permits, licenses and certificates required in Japan
  • Assistance in shipping and exporting both directions from Japan to Israel and vis versa
  • Guidance with regard to Japanese culture and customs
  • Translation into and from Japanese
  • Locating technologies and products
  • Assistance in obtaining legal and administrative representation
Market research

We will provide accurate and thorough information, which is the foundation of all successful business ventures as it will provide a wide range of information about prospective and existing customers, the competition, and the industry in general. It will allow business owners to determine the feasibility of a business before committing substantial resources to the venture.

Our  service for market research will provide you with the relevant data to assist solve marketing challenges that a business will most likely face. Which is an integral part of the business planning process. we will outline the relevant and potential partners in Japan.

We will search for local competition as it is extremely important to know what the local market has to offer in your field of development.

We will assist in pricing your product, to match the local expectations.

Regulatory certification
  • PMDA consultation for:
    Pharmaceutical products
    Medical Devices
  • Electrical equipment (PSE)
  • And others
Translation and interpretation

Globalconn, with its Japanese partners MTC provide Translation services for all technical materials and brochures.

We at Globalconn find the translation and interpretation of the Japanese culture a necessity in order to derive success in the Japanese and Israeli markets.

We guide the companies before approaching both, the Japanese market and the Israeli Market about the business culture, interpretation of different behaviors and culture codes. Accompany the companies through the process of introducing, negotiating and corresponding in order to assist to bridge between the cultures.

Fields of expertise

Over the years Globalconn has represented  many companies in various fields. Some of the fields that we have established very close and good connections in the Japanese market are:

·         Security: Homeland security & Cyber Security

·         Medical devices and Healthcare technologies

·         IoT

·         Energy

·         Environment

·         Agriculture

·         Automotive technologies

·         Commodities


Exhibiting at the right tradeshows is one of the most effective

PR & marketing strategies to create sales especially in the Japanese market.

We offer several tradeshow programs for you. We exhibit and showcase your

brand to find the right partners for you and sell your products.

We also follow up on the prospective buyers to maximize sales. You can visit tradeshows with us to research before entering the market.

  • Show selection and booking
  • Pre-show planning and media connection
  • Showcasing clients’ brands at the selected tradeshow, and take orders
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Post-show proactive follow-up to increase sales