Company Profile

Globalconn – established in 2002, is an Israeli based consulting firm focused on building bridges between the Israeli market and foreign markets specializing in the Japanese market. The name of the company Globalconn comes from -Global Connections.

Our goal is to further the already prevalent technological connections between Japanese and Israeli companies and to exchange ideas, research & development, technology and consumer products in order to advance the business connections on both sides. We see our task as one of providing a bridge between cultures, language, business approaches and regulations.

Globalconn focuses on Introducing Israeli companies to companies that are looking for investment opportunities, joint ventures, mutual research and development outlets, distribution of products and other business opportunities. Providing relevant market analysis and information. Assisting Israeli companies in planning their entrance to the Japanese market and following up with the company until a business deal is closed.

Assisting with and providing Financial Consulting. Advising all sides about culture differences and structuring cooperation strategies.

Israeli companies have strong interest in entering the Japanese market and are becoming increasingly interested in establishing a presence in Japan. Thus they are looking for local partners who would be interested in developing varying business partnerships and relations depending on the business focus and goals.

Globalconn has established a partnership with a local Japanese company, Multi-Task Company (MTC) that together with Globalconn strive to find the right business partners in Japan for the Israeli companies and vise versa, assist Japanese companies to find the suitable distribution channels in Israel, companies and technologies for investment and partnerships.

Once the connection is made, Globalconn with its local partner follows its activities and assists in negotiations until the last step.

Globalconn and MTC have strong alliances with leading companies, distributors, Universities, Governmental institutes, research institutes, incubator organizations, and other reputable entities in order to offer the best outlets possible to achieve our clients’ goals.

In order to understand the needs of our existing and potential clients Globalconn and MTC also made strong connections with legal and accounting firms, and tax experts to assist in setting-up new business ventures and local representation.


We have what it takes to bring the Israeli and Japanese company the best service in order to advance its interests in the target markets.