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Globalconn – established in 2002, is an Israeli based consulting firm focused on building bridges between the Israeli and foreign markets, specializing in the Japanese market. 

Our goal is to further the already prevalent technological connections between Japanese and Israeli companies, assist to create meaningful businesses, exchange ideas, technologies, create mutual research & development and M&As.

We assist to advance the business connections on both sides, providing a bridge between cultures, languages, business approaches, regulations; all for making the right choices.

Globalconn is assisting the companies in their journey to find the right partnerships, stay tuned  and make the perfect establishment to elevate their business in the countries.


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When looking into business with Japan, prepare for a long and exciting journey.

There are cultural differences between Japan and Israel. It is better to enter the Japanese market with a local partner.

Japanese culture demands 100% quality. Prepare yourself to provide nothing less than perfect.


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