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Sales & Distribution

The Japanese market has always been an important target for Israeli companies due to its innovative approach, good production abilities , its size and uniqueness.  The Israeli companies think highly of this market, admire the order,  its  precision and of course see the great potential for their products.

 When looking into this market it is  almost a must to collaborate with a local Japanese distribution or integration company  in order to penetrate the  market.

Israeli companies today understand that it is necessary to have a local representation  that can assist with making the adjustments needed to the Japanese market including translation, culture adjustments, and become the local distributor for the Japanese market.

We, at Globalconn, have vast experience and long lasting connections with a wide range of Japanese companies, from small to big and global conglomerates, that could become your partner. We have the ability to identify and reach the perfect partner for you and assist you with all  the process needed.

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