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About Us

Globalconn Business Development 

Globalconn – established in 2002, is an Israeli based consulting firm focused on building bridges between the Israeli and foreign markets, specializing in the Japanese market. The name of the company Globalconn derives from - Global Connections.


Our goal is to further the already prevalent technological connections between Japanese and Israeli companies, assist to create meaningful businesses, exchange ideas, technologies, create mutual research & development and M&As.

We assist to advance the business connections on both sides, providing a bridge between cultures, languages, business approaches, regulations; all for making the right choices.

We analyze the market, search for possible partners and understand the market trends and competition.  We assist the companies with planning their entrance to the countries and escort the companies on both sides until the business is complete.

From both countries Japanese and Israeli, companies have strong interest in engaging with the other country, by establishing a presence for various purposes. In both countries there is a need for local assistance due to language barriers, culture differences, different regulations and other barriers that derive from the different mentalities and governmental policies.


Going to the Japanese market; Israeli companies are mostly looking to establish a presence in Japan for sales and distribution of their technology and products. They are interested in finding a local partner to assist them with penetrating the Japanese market.  


When going to Israel; Japanese companies are mostly looking to establish strategic presence in Israel looking to build research & development centers and become a hub for sales in the Middle East. Some companies are looking to scout for technologies for integration into their products or invest in technologies in their field of activity.  


Globalconn is assisting the companies in their journey to find the right partnerships, stay tuned  and make the perfect establishment to elevate their business in the countries.


Globalconn has established business partnerships with many Japanese companies and is well established in the Israeli business arena and constantly updated with the innovation scenario. This enables Globalconn to find the right business partners in Japan for the Israeli companies and assist Japanese companies to find the suitable distribution channels, companies and technologies for investment and partnerships in Israel.


Globalconn has strong alliances both in Israel and Japan, with leading companies, distributors, universities, governmental institutes, research institutes, incubator organizations, and other reputable entities in order to offer the best outlets possible to achieve its clients’ goals.


In order to understand the needs of our existing and potential clients, Globalconn has also made strong connections with legal and accounting firms, tax experts and other consultants to assist in setting-up new business ventures and local representation.


We have what it takes to bring the Israeli and Japanese companies the best service in order to advance its interests in the target markets.

Tami Raviv, CEO
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