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Tips for doing business in Japan

The Japanese and Israeli cultures are quite different, it is important to learn some  Japanese customs and to understand  about the Japanese culture, before approaching the Japanese market. 

Keep in mind that business is done between people.  Building respect and trust is the key to all partnerships, especially in Japan.

Cultural Behaviors

Japanese people are very polite. They address each other with their last names and add ‘San’ to the name. In a more respectful way and for high level people, like professors and ministers it is customary to add ‘Sama’ (instead of san). Japanese people usually bow to each other, rather than shake hands. The higher the seniority, the deeper the bow of the other side. Still shaking hands with foreigners is acceptable.


Japanese tend to use silence during conversation in order to think and comprehend the discussion. This silence is an inherent part of the conversation and should not cause any discomfort to the parties.

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